I’m here!

No, I did not die in the hospital! I’m alive and well and have spent the past two weeks catching up at school and being without a computer at home. (The power cord decided to put on a fireworks display last Saturday night… fun!)

I have six exams this coming week, with five of them being before noon on Wednesday. It is not easy to catch up on six or seven weeks’ worth of missed work so quickly!

I’m going to have my hair cut tomorrow morning, and then I’m going to have pictures taken for my CV (yes, you have to put your picture on your CV in Switzerland and France and many other places in Europe, too).

Wish me luck…


3 Responses to “I’m here!”

  1. Susie Vereker Says:

    Relieved you are back. I felt concerned about you though I’ve only been blog-hopping a few months.By the way, I note you have a photo of Prague on your Geneva blog!

  2. Zhu Says:

    Glad to see you’re fine!It’s weird to have a picture on resumes, isn’t it? I’m French but had never put mine. I guess that’s why I never got a job 😀

  3. Princess Cat's Pajamas Says:

    Oops! I’ve been found out. Yes, it’s a picture of Prague… I didn’t have any from Geneva that could be cropped down to the right size and accommodate my blog title.At this point in my life, having my picture on my résumé probably works in my favor. It shows that I’m young, white (yeah, for those who don’t know, unfortunately that’s important), attractive and friendly-looking, and that I know how to dress professionally. I can definitely see how it would not be in everyone’s best interest, though…

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