My lungs sing hallelujah

The smoking ban in public places goes into effect on July 1st. I was already really happy about that, since a major reason I don’t go out for many evenings with friends is because the smoke makes me really sick. One night out can give me an upper respiratory infection for a week…

But here’s the even better news: even though it didn’t have to under the new law, my apartment building banned smoking in all common areas. Meaning that although people can still smoke in their individual rooms (yuck), they cannot come and smoke in the kitchen while I’m making dinner! Yay! (Yes, last year I had TWO roommates who regularly smoked in the kitchen while I was cooking. So gross.)

My lungs are over the moon with happiness. 🙂


2 Responses to “My lungs sing hallelujah”

  1. Zhu Says:

    I’m an “outdoor smoker”, I have never ever smoked inside a house, in restaurants etc. In Canada, smoking indoor isn’t allowed anyway, although I could smoke at home but I don’t like it.That said, I like being able to smoke on balconey, in the street etc. I don’t think it bothers people and we can all respect each other 😉

  2. The Lone Beader Says:

    Yea, I wasn’t happy with all the smoking when I went to Prague…but I dismissed it as being part of the culture. Some things will never change…

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