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Les toilettes ne sont pas une piscine

September 30, 2009

Non, mais vraiment?  Vous pensez que vous nous apprenez quelque chose de nouveau, là?

Les toilettes ne sont pas une piscine.  Ouais, et le soleil n’est pas une chaise…


William Safire died

September 30, 2009

I’m going to miss him.

This is, without a doubt, the most delightful obituary I’ve ever read in the New York Times: William Safire, Political Columnist and Oracle of Language, Dies at 79

My first Yom Kippur

September 29, 2009

…was wonderful.  (I’m not sure if “wonderful” is a word one typically uses to describe the day, but it’s honestly the only one that fits here.)

I was strong enough to be present for all the services.  The liturgy wasn’t anywhere near as depressing as I’d been led to believe — I found it to be solemn and introspective but also hopeful and uplifting.  Of course, I also had food in my stomach… I reserve the right to be of an entirely different opinion next year if I’m healthy enough to fast.

My tallit problem got solved by the spare tallit box in the front row, so I didn’t feel like an idiot.  I did feel a little like I got thrown in the deep end of the pool with all my clothes on, though… there were several prayers that we hadn’t rehearsed ahead of time because everybody (except me!) knows them.  So I was busy playing “guess which note comes next” and “decipher Hebrew as fast as you can” and “figure out how this fits in the liturgy” all at the same time.  But hey, what better way to learn than by diving in head-first?

Plus I got an apple at the end. 🙂

And sometimes they don’t

September 29, 2009

My new sweater is soaking in the sink right now in a desperate attempt to get the tuna oil out… and then I get to soak my jeans.


Sometimes things just go right

September 29, 2009

Like when you walk into the post office and there are 40 or 50 people with tickets ahead of you, and one person runs out of time to wait and gives you his.  In and out in 5 minutes.

Or when you go to the grocery store and get to the checkout line knowing you’ve forgotten something, but you’re not sure what.  The person in front of you decides that they don’t want their sliced Gruyère after all… hey, that’s what you needed — sliced cheese for tuna salad sandwiches for lunch this week.

Or when you’re late and you miss your tram by 30 seconds and have to catch another one that takes a slightly different route after the tram tracks split.  This second route is not exactly convenient… but you realize it’s not so bad when you see that your tram has gotten into a wreck and is stuck on the other set of tracks.

Or when all three of those things happen to you within the space of two hours!


September 27, 2009

When you’re converting, you like to stick out as little as possible.  After all, the point is to learn to do things exactly like everyone else does.

When you have cancer, that’s easier said than done.  Fasting for Yom Kippur?  That’s a no-go.  I have been ordered to drink water and eat.  Giving up leather shoes?  Also not going to happen.  When you’re on chemo, cuts and sores don’t heal properly (it’s the whole “chemo attacks rapidly dividing cells” thing).  They get gross and inflamed and infected and… well, you get the picture.  I can’t afford to have that happen to my feet (they’re still trying to heal from the last round of chemo), and the only shoes I have that don’t make sores are made out of leather.

Then I get an email yesterday saying DON’T FORGET YOUR TALLIT.  Yeah, I don’t have any yet.  I don’t know the rules about when and how to wear them properly because nobody has taught me yet.  (If you know and you’d like to enlighten me, leave a comment!)  I wish I had been given a hair more advance warning, given that I will be standing up and singing in front of the entire community and thus very visible.

I was recounting all this to a friend on the phone last night, and she cracked up.  “Since when are you not the one who’s different?!”

She’s got a point there…


September 26, 2009

Chemo and paint fumes don’t mix, y’all.  Who on Earth decided it would be a great idea to paint in the dorm on a Saturday afternoon???  My brain has grown wings and is flying around singing “Cuckoo!  Cuckoo!”


September 25, 2009

I am SO tired right now.  Between going back to work, going back to school, going back on chemo and taking on extra activities for the high holy days, I have not gotten all the rest I need this week.  There is just no way I can go to the Shabbat services this weekend if I’m going to go for Yom Kippur on Sunday night and all day Monday.  So I’m staying home tonight and tomorrow, and it’s driving me nuts.  But maybe it’ll help me turn into a real human being again (and get off the grumpy train!)

Hi everybody!

September 24, 2009

Welcome to my new blog.  I switched over to WordPress because I wanted to be able to password-protect certain posts on sensitive subjects (or posts with pictures of me in them).  Don’t be shy about asking for the passwords, even if you’re not a regular commenter… the idea isn’t to keep you out, it’s to keep the Internet at large out. 😉


September 23, 2009

People have been telling me lately how amazing it is that I’m taking this whole cancer business in stride and staying upbeat and positive.  While I think I’m handling myself fairly well, I do have to admit that I’ve been really grumpy this week.  Be warned.  Mostly because I overdid it at Rosh Hashanah and classes started this week, so I have not been getting the rest I need.  Plus all the extra activities we’ve been having to prepare for Yom Kippur…

So, if you’re the person who messed with my laundry this week, stay hidden.  You do not want me to find out who you are.