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The List

February 28, 2010

I am so tired of the restrictions I’m on before this gallbladder surgery that I’m making a list of what I want to do afterwards.  Boiled down to its essence, the list is morphine, chocolate and cheese.

Okay, maybe scrap morphine because it makes me throw up and I don’t want to be throwing up with an abdominal incision, but I want good pain meds.  And cheese might come before chocolate.  I’m not sure.  I want my grandma’s famous chocolate cake because I didn’t get to have any for Valentine’s Day.  But I also want pizza, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, ham and cheese omelettes, fondue, nachos and lots of other ooey-gooey dishes.


1. pain meds
2. cheese
3. chocolate

Anything else I should add?


I’m gonna wind up hollow inside

February 25, 2010

Okay, y’all, this is getting old.  I have to have surgery again.  This time to take out my gallbladder.  I have stones and it looks like it’s been inflamed for quite awhile.  On the one hand, I’ll be glad to get it over with… I’m tired of being in pain and not being able to eat what I want.  On the other hand, my mobility is going to be even more limited for a few weeks after the surgery, which is saying a lot since I’m practically homebound anyway.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well…


February 2, 2010

Today’s the first day of my not-chemo break.  I actually had enough energy to help bake a cake and start working on a puzzle.  This is a huge improvement over the past week, when I wasn’t able to get out of bed at all.  Now if only my work’s insurance company would leave me alone…