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A word to the wise

March 29, 2010

Do not, I repeat, do not have an endoscopy, an MRI and a CAT scan all in the same day.

I feel like a medical experiment gone wrong!


Four holes are better than one…

March 14, 2010

… but one hole is better than five!  They tried to do my surgery laparoscopally at first, but that failed (I could have told them that) and so they had to go in through my kidney surgery scar to do the operation.  So now I’m stuck with four sore, useless holes in my abdomen that have to go through a long, slow healing process… not thrilled.

OK, whine over now.

Things I haven’t seen in the hospital

March 12, 2010

1. An enema.  For which I am infinitely grateful, as I am not the sort who enjoys having to run to the restroom constantly.
2.  Naked male butt.
3.  An endoscope.  Which is disappointing, since I’d like to have the endoscopy over and done with and behind me and they said they’d do it today.

Things I have seen in the hospital:

1. A fan.  They had to dig it out of storage for me and now I am viciously guarding it.  MY fan.
2.  Bile.  Lots of it.  Coming out of my drain and the drain of the lady next to me.  Very green.
3.  Sheep in socks and scarves.  Mom’s been dressing up Bart in my clothes to amuse me.  Bart’s a good sport about it.


March 4, 2010

My passport needs to be renewed desperately, and I’m having surgery next week.  So I figured I’d get pictures taken today and take the paperwork over to the consulate afterwards.

Yeah.  The consulate is open from 10 to 1.  And of course the only US passport photo place opens at 1.  So you can’t get passport pictures and go to the consulate in the same day.  Ugh.

At least I got a Starbucks apple fritter out of the deal…  Sooooo good.