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Is that a banana on your shirt?

November 29, 2010

We’ve discussed my love of this flag before.  When my mom and I were at the Alamo gift shop a few years ago, she wouldn’t let me buy a T-shirt featuring the flag, saying that it would give off the wrong impression.

Well, when my best friend from Switzerland was visiting last month, we found ourselves in the Alamo gift shop and I bought the T-shirt.

Fast forward to this morning — I’m in the waiting room of my oncologist’s office, eating a banana after having fasted all morning for my bloodwork.  An older gentleman came in, looked at me, and asked, “Is that a banana on your shirt?”

Needless to say, he got a Texas history lesson.

I guess it could be worse — my mom thinks that the cannon looks like a penis and my stepdad thinks it looks like a condom…


Va va voom!

November 24, 2010

It must be something about my magnetic personality — the ER medics just can’t resist ripping my clothes off!

Who knew

November 19, 2010

that robots could be so expressive? My new favorite commercial:

My favorite part of the season

November 17, 2010

is this song:

It always made my day when I was little and it still makes my day now. 🙂

So. Not. Fair.

November 15, 2010

I do not expect the world to revolve around me.  I do not expect my life to be perfect.  But today was just a double-whammy in not-fair land.

When I travel, I always keep my camera in my purse.  And I always keep my purse with me.  Until today, because the space in the plane was just really cramped and I didn’t feel like messing with it.

Of course, as we were taking off, I had a perfect aerial view of the Washington Monument and Capitol Hill.  And no camera.

Later on in the flight, I decided I had to use the plane restroom.  I have never used the plane restroom on a domestic flight before — heck, I flew Paris-Dallas without using the bathroom, so great is my aversion to them!

About halfway through my potty break, the captain turned on the fasten seatbelt sign, and we hit turbulence.  There I was, locked in the little compartment in the company of the hardest toilet seat known to man, with my poor little butt bumping all over creation and taking a serious beating.  There is just something wrong with that.

All in all, not my luckiest day…

I just can’t stay out of the hospital…

November 12, 2010

…even when I’m on vacation!

This time, though, I’m going for a good reason — they have amazing made-to-order omelettes every morning in their cafeteria.  Very yummy. 🙂


You’d think

November 10, 2010

they’d have decent Spanish translators around here. But they don’t. At the doctor’s office, the sign asks me to use the lobby exit, “por fabor”. The Spanish sign at the library tells me that the local branch will be closed tomorrow, whereas the English sign tells me that the whole library system will be closed. One store tells me in English that all firearms are prohibited, but the Spanish says that only handguns are not allowed on the premises.

And today in the pharmacy, I was encouraged to ask the pharmacist about my prescription in English, but the Spanish suggested that I ask her about my straight line…


November 6, 2010

My dog has started playing whack-a-mole with me in the bathroom.  He sits under my legs and then pops his head up in between my thighs and my underwear.  I’d post a picture, but it would show my panties and that’s not very ladylike…

Beaucoup de parchemin pour ne rien dire

November 5, 2010

I got a letter from my university this week to let me know that because I graduated, I’m no longer enrolled as a student…

Up yours!

November 4, 2010

(Nose, that is.)

You know how moms help their toddlers blow?  I’d hate to have been this guy’s mom…  I bet he had icky boogers.  smiley: sick