Esther on the Couch

Last night Mom and I went to go see a ladies-only, one-woman musical retelling of the megillah of Esther for Purim.  I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  The writer/actress, a local Jewish psychiatrist, spoofed just about everybody under the sun — Queen Vashti and King Achashverosh are caught in a Bad Romance, King Achashverosh is All Shook Up when he sees all the beautiful women of his kingdom, Esther is moved when he picks her to be queen Tonight, Mordechai and Haman face off to When You’re a Jew, Achashverosh is admonished to Read It [the royal records] and honor Mordechai for his loyal service, and once the Jews are saved, Esther rocks out to I Will Survive.  Plus King Achashverosh has a Dr. Phil moment about his New York yiddische mama and the audience gets an Oprah moment with a gift of Purim masks.

And once the drama’s all over, it’s Joy to the World


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