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I thought I had awakened to the Cartoon Network

March 31, 2012

Commercial heard (but not seen) in the wee hours of the morning:

(For those of you not familiar with Popeye):


I’ll blow, you suck

March 31, 2012

Sometimes in life, there are conversations that just beg to be overheard.

This morning I was looking through stickers on a scrapbooking website when I overheard the following from the kitchen:

My stepdad: It won’t take very long. I just have to go outside and blow.
Mom: I thought I was going to suck!
My stepdad: I’ll blow, you suck.

Bluebonnet hunting, part 2

March 30, 2012

Mom and I went for a second round of bluebonnet watching, this time in Willow City (up north of Fredericksburg). We saw all sorts of pretty flowers and then drove back down to Fredericksburg to eat and do a little scrapbook store browsing.

Pictorial evidence from both Mom and me:

I know how to swallow my medicine

March 28, 2012

I got really irritated the other day over something relatively minor. Not just the “something relatively minor”, but all the other things that led up to it, which turned it into the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Today Mom and I went out to eat, and this is what my fortune cookie said: “If you put up with small annoyances, you will gain great results.”

We both got a kick out of that.

An attorney who knows the law

March 27, 2012

The TV commercials for attorneys in this city are clearly geared toward the lowest common denominator. We’ve got Jim Adler the Texas Hammer (“I don’t bark, I bite!”) who tells you down to the last cent how much he’s won for his featured clients, Marynell Maloney (whose pathetic voice, bad hair and ambulance chasing are like nails on a chalkboard), and Wayne Wright (whom you can trust because he wears a cowboy hat).

And now we have a new lawyer (whose name I forget) who we’re supposed to hire because he’s “an attorney who knows the law”. It was about 3 in the morning, so I wasn’t sure if I’d heard properly, but then I heard the commercial again and wondered, Are there any attorneys who don’t know the law?

I told Mom about the commercial, and she had the same reaction I did. Then we drove past a law office in the same building as a car repair shop in a poorer side of town, and she asked, “What kind of law office would set up shop there?

I couldn’t help myself. “An attorney who knows the law,” I answered.

Tiger Woods

March 25, 2012

Everybody is chattering about how Tiger Woods has just won his first PGA tournament in 30 months. At first, I thought, “So? 30 months is not such a long time.” But then I remembered that I’ve been sick for about 30 months, and I don’t remember what it feels like to be healthy. That was pretty sobering.

Encyclopedia Britannica

March 14, 2012

Encyclopedia Britannica announced today that they aren’t going to publish hard copies of dictionaries anymore. You can either buy a digital copy or subscribe to an online version.

It makes me feel a little bit sad. The best Christmas present I ever got was a complete set of World Book encyclopedias when I was eight.

I wonder how people felt when the Gutenberg printing press was invented. Did they lament the loss of the individuality of a hand-written manuscript? The loss of books written on vellum? The loss of illustrative illuminations done by hand?

I’ll admit it — digital books are much more convenient and portable than hard copies. But it’s hard to watch the end of an era.

Please tell me it gets easier

March 13, 2012

My mom and I have just started a personalized physical fitness program for cancer patients. We work out at the Health Science Center gym for an hour 3 times a week, then we’re supposed to walk for half an hour on every day that we don’t go to the gym. This week we’ve been to the gym 3 times, walked once, and attended a Zumba class that counts as a walking day.

My body is NOT used to this much activity. Once upon a time it was, but not anymore. When we walked the mall, I was starting to give out after only 20 minutes. And even though the Zumba class was low-impact, I was only able to participate in one out of every three songs.

My biggest problem is the weakness of my lungs — the second chemo I was on nearly destroyed them. They’ve got to become stronger for me to maintain a more sustainable level of activity.

The resistance training is building up my (non-existent) arm, shoulder and chest muscles. I hate doing it, because I hate it when my arms feel tired, but I’m thankful that I’m healthy enough to do it and complain about it. I’m also pretty confident that I’ll have some good leg muscles from all the walking soon. The only thing that’s holding me back in that department right now is muscle pain in my back — it starts to hurt after I’ve been standing for longer than it wants me to.

I just hope that the first week is the hardest!

I must not be the only one

March 10, 2012

There is a local cemetery owner in SA who introduces himself as “Dick Tips” in his commercials.

When I first saw one of the commercials, I immediately thought that if my name were Dick Tips, I would find a different moniker under which to promote my business (especially when it’s in a field as serious as cemeteries).

Apparently a lot of other people thought so, too, because all of the commercials have been re-shot with him introducing himself as “Richard Tips”.

I am all written out

March 8, 2012

In the last month, I’ve finished my book, written a passle of emails and letters for my fundraising campaign, and tried to keep up with my blog.

I have nothing new or interesting to say.

Now I understand how social networking is a full-time job.

This week I’m getting back to scrapbooking, thanks to a lot of good ideas that I picked up at our last scrapbook meeting. Last weekend we picked up all the supplies to finish this album at Hobby Lobby, and now it’s just a matter of cutting and pasting everything in its place.

Now if only I could get back on my piano practice schedule…