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Middle Eastern food is so good

June 29, 2012

When I think it’s prepared right, that is (I’m pretty picky).  I started off eating it in Syria, then kept it up at a favorite place in Geneva, but was unable to find a good place in San Antonio until today.

Baba ganoush and beef schwarma… yum. 🙂

(Next time I’ll have to remember that they have hot mint tea.)


I’m so glad I got out of the hospital yesterday

June 28, 2012

Otherwise I would have missed today’s support group — we discussed everything from bubble bath to the medical system in Switzerland to rat erections (and yes, all of those conversations were on topic and made very important points), and I got to have a little bit of a social life. 🙂  And the food was great.  (Not that the hospital food wasn’t — it was actually surprisingly good for hospital food.  It has really improved over the past two years.)


Backyard barbecue, Mr. Peppermint, and vanilla ice cream

June 25, 2012

One of the perks of being in the hospital is that you get to watch TV whenever you want to.  It’s “backyard barbecue” season on the news right now, and they’ve got a man from Head Country barbecue sauce helping promote the event.

I didn’t see who they were talking to at first, but the voice sounded incredibly familiar.  And then it hit me — the teddy bear puppet from Mr. Peppermint.  Mr. Peppermint’s show was basically the local version of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and everybody of my generation growing up in North Texas was hooked on it.

Anyway, back when Mr. Rogers retired, the local media conducted an interview in which they asked him what was the funniest moment he had while recording the show.  He responded that one day, while taping a segment with the teddy bear puppet on how ice cream is made, the puppet piped up and asked (in his characteristically male, small, nasal voice) “Mr. Peppermint, is it true that if you eat vanilla ice cream it makes your penis fall off?”

Now I giggle every time I see the backyard barbecue guy on the news.


June 23, 2012

This evening on the news, the anchormen were discussing “the AQHA in effect”.

You can tell that I grew up loving horses and reading everything horse-related that I could get my hands on, because I didn’t understand what they were talking about.  To me, “the AQHA” is the American Quarter Horse Association.

Apparently it’s an “air quality hazard advisory” here in San Antonio…

I think this will turn out to be really powerful

June 18, 2012

While we were on vacation in Florida, we took a day trip to Miami and visited the Miami Holocaust Memorial.  I’m going to have this picture flipped and blown up to an 8 x 10 :

and then I’m going to crop photos of the names of the death camps that are in the tunnel (like this one):

and shrink them to wallet size, arranging them on the page so that they surround the star of David.  The scrapbook page will be black, and I’ll frame the first photo in a golden-yellow color.
What do you think?

There’s something wrong with this

June 13, 2012

I’ve lost just over 60 pounds since some of my medications got readjusted last summer.  And how does my body repay me?

Loose, flabby skin on my rear end.  Which means that I’m constantly pinching myself when I sit down.

My body should not be acting this ungrateful…

Getting my rear end tied on

June 12, 2012

We spent almost two whole weeks out of the house and on vacation.  Now it’s time to get everything unpacked and get the house in order.

I’m unpacked and my clothes are put up.  I’ve cleaned my room, taken care of the mail/bills/checks, picked my medicine up from the pharmacy and my books up from the library, and done my filing.  I still have lots of little things out and about in the main part of the house, but I do not feel well enough today to go get them all and put them away.

Not bad for only 2 days post-return. 🙂

I promise I’m not a cow

June 11, 2012

One of the side effects of my chemo is that it makes it easy for sores to develop on the hands and feet.  It’s called “Hand and Foot Syndrome,” but that reminds me of Hoof and Mouth Disease.

Well, I wore new shoes while we were in Florida, and now I’ve got sores all over my feet.

But I swear I’m not a cow.

Just Hangin’ Out…

June 5, 2012

…at the Japanese gardens.


You Break, You Buy; I Break, I Cry

June 5, 2012

That’s been my motto ever since I bought my new camera. Yes, you may use it if you want to, but if you break it, you have to buy me a new one.

Today, it broke. That is to say, today, I broke it.

Yes, I cried.

I hope the repair will not be too expensive. Everything looks like it’s working fine – the lens (thank goodness!), the mirror, the flash, the screen, etc. – but the pictures come out pitch black.

I really do not like myself right now.