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New haircut

August 30, 2012

Both Mom and I have been complaining that our bangs are too long, so we decided to get our hair cut today (it was either that or wait for two more weeks until I healed from tomorrow’s round of Gamma knife). Here’s how mine came out:

Front view

Side view

I love it!


A day full of excitement

August 21, 2012

Mom and I are unpacking my grandma’s belongings today (still), and at the beginning of lunch, the community fire alarm malfunctioned and went off for no reason. Of course, everyone had to be evacuated even though it was a false alarm, so my grandma’s first full day here contained a little bit of excitement. She’s mostly unpacked now, but we’re coming back tomorrow to get the job done and make sure she’s settled in well. Hopefully no more alarms tomorrow…

We haven’t seen each other in seven years

August 20, 2012

Today my mom and I are getting my grandma set up in her new assisted living facility. It’s a few towns over from where my cousin and her family live, and they dropped by after looking at houses nearby. This is the first time I’ve met the two younger kids (I’ve met the eldest before, but he didn’t come along today).

Four generations (generations 1, 3 and 4 with generation 2 on the other side of the camera):

My grandma, my cousin, and me:

The great-grandkids with their dad:

The kids playing hide-and-seek in a box:

We made it!

August 19, 2012

We’re here in Tyler/Athens, and it looks like we might finally be out of the woods.  The cat did not meow along the way, everyone’s belongings have been delivered, Mom is helping my stepdad unpack as we speak, and we are unpacking my grandma tomorrow (as long as they get the carpet installed on time!)

This move might end up being successful after all…

What’s up with the hippopotami?

August 19, 2012

Seen today at McDonald’s on our way up to North Texas:

Wow, what a story

August 18, 2012

I don’t read the Huffington Post as a general rule, but I did come across this article and it is wonderful.

It Ain’t Over: The Business 9 Women Kept a Secret for Three Decades

You know I’m starting to feel better

August 16, 2012

when I start working on my scrapbook again.

I had wanted to finish it during the Olympics (it is an album about my trip to London back in 2004, after all), but I was just too sick. I’m back on track now, though, and I’m over halfway through. Once it’s finished, I’ll have completed the first two volumes for my study abroad year. The third volume will be all the little day trips I took while the university was on strike, and the fourth will be my trip through Normandy, the D-Day beaches, and Mont Saint Michel.

I’m starting to get excited!

Guess the problem of the day

August 15, 2012

This whole moving thing has been driving us all completely and totally crazy.  Every day decisions are made and then reversed, people think they’re on the same page and then they’re not, and at least one obstacle crops up daily.  It’s gotten to be so frustrating that Mom and I have made up a game called Guess The Problem Of The Day, just to inject a little levity into the situation.

Some sample problems: an $800 phone bill, carpet not being installed on time, a house that did not appraise for its selling price…

What will tomorrow’s problem be?

We cancelled Gamma Knife

August 13, 2012

I was scheduled to have my sixth Gamma Knife treatment today, but I’m still too sick after almost a week of antibiotics. I can’t breathe at all when I’m lying down flat, and I cough too much to have my head bolted down to the machine. Even though I’d only be in the machine for 20 minutes, it’s still too long.

We’ve got a month full of appointments and out-of-town travel ahead of us, so rescheduling this is going to be an interesting task.

I can’t breathe

August 8, 2012

Less than one month out of the hospital, and I can’t breathe again.

It is a terrifying feeling.  As a child, I was not afraid to die, so long as I didn’t die by suffocation.  Two memories stand out quite vividly — once my cousin held me down in the plastic Care Bears kiddie pool in the back yard (and I refused to ever get in it with her again), and another time in day care the mentally disabled sister of one of the kids wrestled me down to the ground and sat on me.  She was considerably larger and heavier than I, and it seemed that the teacher was out of the room for an eternity before coming back in and helping me.

I’ve been having some allergy problems all summer, but yesterday my mom and stepdad pulled a lot of dusty, mildewy boxes from the attic and from storage and I went from allergies to full-blown bronchitis overnight.  (Yes, I know that some doctors insist that it takes a week to develop an infection, but with me that’s not true.  I go from zero to green slime in 24 hours, and from green slime to pneumonia that requires hospitalization even faster.  I’ve been like that ever since I was in kindergarten.)

So, I can’t breathe.  My arms and legs feel like leaden weights, and moving any muscle makes it burn and scream for oxygen.  I can’t stop coughing.  I have coughed non-stop for the past two years, ever since I was put on a chemo that permanently damaged my lungs.

I am TIRED of this.  And I am frightened.  I just want to be able to breathe.