This afternoon I was watching Ellen on TV, and she was interviewing Octavia Spencer about her new movie role.  Apparently, both Ellen and Octavia are afraid of spiders.  Well, a person dressed in a spider costume snuck onto the stage behind Octavia and tapped her on the shoulder, causing her to jump and scream.

It made me think back to last night.  Scene: It is after 11 pm.  I am in the front part of the house working on demo pages for my upcoming speech on scrapbooking, quite absorbed in my work.  Mom had retired to bed some time earlier, having had a very busy week with very little down time and sleep.  Suddenly:

Female voice: Hi, Sugar.

Me: [scream]

Me: You’re supposed to be asleep!

Mom: I said hi because I didn’t want to scare you.

Me: I think that had the opposite of the desired effect…


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