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I don’t usually like toilet humor

October 13, 2012

but I do love this commercial.


I LOVED Slinkies when I was little

October 8, 2012

And I still love them now:


September 18, 2012

I am firmly of the belief that any singer or recording artist should study musical theater before releasing an album. Not because I think that musical theater is a superior art form, but because it emphasizes proper DICTION and the ability of the audience to understand the lyrics of a song.

Case in point: Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way”. Mom and I were listening to it on the radio and she asked me, “Are they singing in English?” When I told her yes, she asked, “Are they native English speakers?” The only way that I knew they were was because I had been wondering the same thing and had already looked it up.

Latest favorite commercial

September 9, 2012

Olympic Fun

August 5, 2012

The GB diving team:

and the US swim team:

My mom thinks my iPod is weird

May 28, 2012

I’ve got a rather eclectic collection of music on it — probably in more languages than on the iPods of anyone else I know. I’ve got:

French (and two dialects thereof)
various Slovak languages

My latest download — Dragostea Din Tea (yes, I’m a dork that way):

I’m not quite sure how to announce this

May 23, 2012

but I think I’m beginning to get my singing voice back.  I lost it just under two years ago (along with my speaking voice) when I ripped a breathing tube out of my throat when I was sedated in the hospital after having a seizure.  My speaking voice eventually came back (although not with the breadth of register it had before), but not my singing voice.  Since the chemos I’ve been on can cause dysphonia, I just assumed I would never be able to sing again.

Until today.  I was working on my scrapbook, listening to some of the new music I downloaded to my iPod, and — I’m not quite sure how or why — I started singing along to Martina McBride’s cover of “Rose Garden”.  My voice was a little shaky, and it felt a little strained, but I hit all the notes…



April 20, 2012

It’s no secret — I like to watch commercials. Some of them are amusing, and some of them make me shake my head and wonder what is WRONG with these people? Mom and I had a commercial-inspired conversation today:

Me: Mom, slow down. You’re going too fast.
Mom: Close your eyes and pray.
Me: [closing eyes]
Mom: [slowing down abruptly and changing lanes]
Me (opening my eyes): Mom!
Mom: Sorry, I made you open your eyes. Tell you what — you shut your eyes and tell me when to turn left.
Me (with my eyes shut): How am I supposed to tell you when to turn left if I can’t see the TURN LEFT NOW!!!!
Mom: [giggles]

I thought I had awakened to the Cartoon Network

March 31, 2012

Commercial heard (but not seen) in the wee hours of the morning:

(For those of you not familiar with Popeye):

Blue Man Group

February 26, 2012

Today we got to go see Blue Man Group (again).  We first learned about them back in 2001 on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and my mom surprised me with tickets to go see them in Boston when we went up north to check out Middlebury.

For those who aren’t familiar with Blue Man Group, I suppose they could be best described as an all-blue alternative percussion group with the best silent comedy routine around.

Unfortunately, the performance highlighted my desperate need for a new pair of glasses.  I had a hard time reading the text messages on the phones.  I also got more of a workout than I’ve had in a long time, participating in the six universally-known rock concert moves.  And I learned a slang term for “buttocks” — “pants pillows”.

I had way too much fun. 🙂