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Oh where, oh where…

September 11, 2010

…did the little R go?  Oh where, oh where could he be?

I think I’ve already posted here about the document on “panties with built-in cooking appliances” that I proofread at work a while back.  Well, I ran into some more words with missing Rs at the doctor’s office yesterday… their questionnaire wanted to know whether or not I had “Inging in the ears”.  (It also wanted to know whether or not I had “naal discharge”.)  By the end of the sheet, I wanted to know if I had vision problems or if they lacked a qualified professional to draw up their paperwork…


It’s official — we’re moving back to the US

June 29, 2010

I finally got a health insurance policy in the States — I’m not terribly thrilled about it, as the monthly premium is 7 times my Swiss premium, the deductible is 12 times my Swiss deductible, and I get about 20% less coverage than what’s provided by my Swiss plan — but I don’t really have a choice about going back because the family needs the income my mom could earn, and she can’t work legally in Switzerland.

Mom is very happy to be going back… I’m not sure whether she’s happiest about seeing her husband, seeing her dogs, having a clean kitchen or having a bathroom to herself.  Or not having to pay to do laundry at a certain time each week.

I, on the other hand, am much less happy about going back.  I’m sad about giving up my job.  I’m sad about moving far from my friends.  I’m nervous about giving up the great network of doctors that I’ve built up here.  Plus I just plain like the Geneva way of life… in my heart, I feel like I’m Genevan.  I love it here.

I’ll be defending my thesis and getting my MA on July 19th.  I finished all the preparations for that today, so now I’m just waiting for the days to go by so the presentation can hurry up and be over with.

I’m not planning on sitting on my butt and doing nothing once I get back Stateside, though.  I’ve found a local synagogue that looks great on paper — Conservative, slightly larger than my current synagogue, lots of adult education classes, a conversion class that starts in October, and a large Jewish library.  I haven’t seen photos of the congregation, but I’m hoping they’ll have a nice selection of young men in attendance — and it wouldn’t hurt if they were cute.

The state of my health doesn’t really let me hold down a steady desk job, but I’ll be looking for flexible freelance work that will allow me to take off time for health problems when I need to.  I’m looking to take the American Translators Association’s certification exams in French and Spanish, and I’ll be registering with the local school district to substitute teach French and Spanish.  I’m also thinking about volunteering to guest lecture on Swiss history/culture/civics and organizing private tutoring sessions, conversation classes, and classes for SAT II/AP test prep.

I’m also going to be taking some test drives around the neighborhood to see whether or not the heart in the middle of my right eye messes up my vision too much.  If it doesn’t, I might be in the market to buy a used car — let’s face it, three working adults sharing one car just doesn’t work well.

I think I’ve pretty much given my mom the all-around Geneva experience this past year… she’s eaten fondue, raclette and fried Lake Geneva perch (and sampled Swiss wine).  She’s been in the hospital (both as a patient and as a visitor), dealt with Swisscom and had a run-in with the little green TPG men.  We’ve been on a boat ride in the lake, eaten a picnic dinner at Bains des Pâquis, and watched the musical fireworks over the lake during the Fêtes de Genève.  She’s been all over Old Town, seen the Reformation Monument, and visited the cathedral and the Reformation museum.  She’s been to concerts in Victoria Hall and the cathedral, and outdoors during the Fête de la Musique.  She’s seen the Jet d’Eau, the Horloge Fleurie and the rose gardens on the rive gauche.  She even got to pet the organ grinder’s cat.  The only things she hasn’t done yet are the UN and the Escalade historical reenactments… there’s nothing I can do about Escalade (she did get to have a marmite with marzipan candies — and she loved the marzipan), but she will be visiting the UN before we leave.

As for me, I’m making a list of all the things I want to eat when we get back… I have to remember to space things out and not gorge myself all at once!  First stop: Dunkin’ Donuts at Newark airport…

There’s something wrong with this

November 23, 2009

First I convince the doctor to give me a medical certificate allowing me to work (from home, don’t worry!), but my boss doesn’t want me to.  (To be fair, we don’t have much of the at-home variety of work right now, but I’m bored!  I need something to do!)

Then I go to school, only to find out that while I missed the last three weeks of class due to being in the hospital, this week and next week (when I can actually come to class) we have a bit of a vacation.  Bad timing.

Catching up

October 2, 2009

I’ve been back at work for three weeks now and have finally started feeling like I’m back in a good routine.  Having the Southern sayings calendar my mom gave me last Christmas stuck at July 2nd was starting to unnerve me, though, so I decided to play a little game… rip off a page each time I felt bored.  Here are some of my favorite sayings from the past 3 months:

If you put his brain in a catbird, it’d fly backwards.

We can’t all be big shots.  Someone has to sit on the curb and wave at ’em as they go by.

Excuses are like armpits — everyone has got at least two, and they both stink.

He’s so far over his head he has to look up to see bottom.

He’s as sharp as mashed potatoes.

He’s so narrow-minded he can see through a keyhole with both eyes.

She wouldn’t go to a funeral unless she could be the corpse.

Every dog ought to have a few fleas.

Does a cat have climbin’ gear?

He acts like he took the late train and came in on the caboose.

I feel like a rubber-nosed woodpecker in a petrified forest.

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then…

Les toilettes ne sont pas une piscine

September 30, 2009

Non, mais vraiment?  Vous pensez que vous nous apprenez quelque chose de nouveau, là?

Les toilettes ne sont pas une piscine.  Ouais, et le soleil n’est pas une chaise…

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?

September 22, 2009

Today I read about full-penetration butt welds. (In the context of subsea wellhead drilling equipment.) This is a perfectly standard, acceptable piece of terminology. And it just about had me in the floor.

I swear, y’all, I can’t make this stuff up!

Reason #74 to like Switzerland

July 1, 2009

I get a paid day off to move! This is a welcome relief from all the stress this move has entailed… now hopefully I’ll have everything more or less set up by the time I go back to work tomorrow.

Bad timing

May 19, 2009

I am home sick from work today. Not only do I have a super-urgent project with a tight deadline, but my choir concert is next week and I’m afraid I won’t be well enough in time to perform.

I need all the get-well vibes y’all can muster…

Happy unexpected day off to me!

May 1, 2009

As I was leaving work yesterday, I overheard completely by accident that we have today off. It’s the first time I’ve ever had off on Labor Day — I slept for twelve hours last night. Oh so good!

Good thing I wore jeans to work today

April 23, 2009

Normally I wear nice pants or a nice skirt and leather high-heeled shoes to work, but I was feeling lazy this morning and threw on jeans and sneakers. About halfway through the morning I saw one of my coworkers digging around under her desk, splayed out in quite a comical position… it turns out that the contraption that holds all our wires out of the way had fallen down. It took both of us rooting around on the ground like pigs to get it all back in place!