Favorite Words

October 6, 2012

When I was a little girl, my favorite word was “starving”. Not because I thought that the sensation of hunger was pleasant (quite the opposite), but because it started with “star”, and that evoked images of pretty, twinkling night skies. I got in trouble for using it one night at the dinner table, and my love for the word waned temporarily. Now it’s back to being my favorite, though, at least in English.

When I was learning French in high school, my favorite words were “oiseaux” and “hérisson” and “ananas”, probably because my teacher loved them so much. They made her (and the whole class) grin when they poured out of her mouth — “un ananananananananas” we used to say. But now my favorite word in French is “kyrielle” — not only does it look pretty in print, but it tickles the tongue when you say it, too.

I don’t really have a favorite word in Spanish, probably because I never really learned to love the language as much as I love French. Although I do rather like the word “osito”, probably because I’m so fond of mine.

And tonight I’ve discovered another favorite word — this one in Hebrew. It’s “kishkush” — such a silly-sounding word, right? But that’s fitting, because it means “nonsense”. I’m busy memorizing stacks of words that have no semblance whatsoever to their English (or French, or Spanish) counterparts, but that one is stuck in my brain for good, no memorization required.

So, what are your favorite words?


She can see in the dark

September 28, 2012

Last night my grandmother’s cat slept with my mom and me. I usually knead my feet as I’m falling asleep to help work out the soreness and the knots, and the cat pounced on them immediately.

Mom: What’s that?!
Me: The cat. She’s playing with my toes.
Mom: Well, quit moving your toes!


September 18, 2012

I am firmly of the belief that any singer or recording artist should study musical theater before releasing an album. Not because I think that musical theater is a superior art form, but because it emphasizes proper DICTION and the ability of the audience to understand the lyrics of a song.

Case in point: Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way”. Mom and I were listening to it on the radio and she asked me, “Are they singing in English?” When I told her yes, she asked, “Are they native English speakers?” The only way that I knew they were was because I had been wondering the same thing and had already looked it up.

This made me giggle

September 14, 2012

The last name of tthe rabbi at my new synagogue is “Learner”.  Little ironic things in life always catch my attention — since “rabbi” means “my teacher” — but I guess it’s perfectly appropriate, too, since as Jews we’re supposed to constantly be learning and teaching is a great way to learn.

Latest favorite commercial

September 9, 2012

Lucy gets a tummy rub

September 2, 2012

My dog Lucy loves to sleep. And to eat. And to be on the receiving end of a good tummy rub. It’s hard for her to organize those priorities, but the other day, tummy rub definitely ruled over sleep.

Another thing about Lucy — she has a really hard time breathing, especially when she’s upside down. It just doesn’t work.


Mmmmh?  Is someone there?

[Thumpthumpthumpthump.]  Here it comes…

Oooh, this is gonna feel good…


Tummy rub. 🙂







Osker gets a bath

September 2, 2012

Poor Osker. He hates getting baths. He’s so well-behaved in the tub, but when his bath is all done, his first thought is How quickly can I get out of here?

This week was not Osker’s lucky week. We moved the dogs up to Athens, but before their arrival, they required much in the way of grooming — trimming, brushing, skin care, etc.

Here’s how it went:

Sissy, make her let go of me.

She’s not going to let me go, is she.

I don’t like olive oil.  I’m not an Italian dog.

I’m from Texas, remember?  You bought me out of a doghouse in a backyard in Junction.

I’m all oiled up.  Now you can let me go!

You’re not letting me go??? No fair!

But I don’t want a haircut.


Mom!  Be careful back there!

I’m starting to get cranky…


Oopsie daisy!


MOM!!!  What are you DOING to me?!?!


I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to yell.


I don’t like you very much right now.


But I adore my Sissy!

My foot hurts

September 1, 2012

I guess that if that’s the only complaint I have the day after waking up at 2 am for Gamma knife and then making a 5-hour drive immediately after treatment, then I’m not too poorly off. The foot in question certainly did not keep me from attending synagogue this morning, although I did choose to sit through the service.

24 hours from now my head should be bandage-free…

New haircut

August 30, 2012

Both Mom and I have been complaining that our bangs are too long, so we decided to get our hair cut today (it was either that or wait for two more weeks until I healed from tomorrow’s round of Gamma knife). Here’s how mine came out:

Front view

Side view

I love it!

A day full of excitement

August 21, 2012

Mom and I are unpacking my grandma’s belongings today (still), and at the beginning of lunch, the community fire alarm malfunctioned and went off for no reason. Of course, everyone had to be evacuated even though it was a false alarm, so my grandma’s first full day here contained a little bit of excitement. She’s mostly unpacked now, but we’re coming back tomorrow to get the job done and make sure she’s settled in well. Hopefully no more alarms tomorrow…